Here Are 5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a B2b E-Commerce Platform in The USA



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Are you in this situation where you are looking for a best b2b e-commerce platform and has no idea of which will make your marketing successful? In this era, b2b platforms are evolving at a rapid pace. Due to this, more competitors are increasing to find the best platform to design their sites. For you to enable customers to choose you over them, you need to choose a platform with advanced features to offer the best services to your customers.


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The Internet is giving an opportunity for entrepreneurs to these platforms. Every day they are creating new platforms. However, different platforms have different advanced features and offer unique services to customers. To enable you to select the best platform, here are 5 factors you need to consider:

Support different payment gateways

Payment is a key to every successful business.  As you know, each customer has his/her payment method of preference. A platform that is offering many payments method should be your first consideration. However, a platform may have many payment methods that are not secure. In this situation, ensure that the b2b e-commerce platform will secure the buyers’ sensitive data.  A platform that has PCI certification could be the best as it will assure to protect the buyer’s information. With this, you will get a qualified company that will buy your products and services at a higher price.


In this business world, you will meet global customers who speak and understand different languages. The language barrier is a component that leads to the failure of many businesses. Entrepreneurs misunderstand the benefits that the products will offer to them. Choosing a b2b e-commerce platform with different languages will enable customers to understand your products and services, the benefits they will gain as well as the price. With this, the customer will get a chance to analyze your products and services and compare them with others to make a purchasing decision.

SEO friendly

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to reach global customers. A b2b platform that has search engine integration will enable customers to easily find you on searches such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. For instance, when a client-company searches a particular keyword of the products and services you are offering, it may rank high. With this, the client-company will have time to analyze the benefits of your products and services. Hence, you need to choose a platform that is integrated to search engines.

Also, a platform that will help you come up with relevant keywords is crucial. There are situations where a seller has no idea of the best keywords. Some good platforms will suggest the best keywords that will enable your rank higher on search engines.

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 Mobile access

Mobile has now become a necessity for every successful business. Hence, you need to look for a b2b platform that will enable buyers to use their mobile and tablets as well as computers. As you know, customers will prefer a platform that they can access while on-the-go. With mobile, they can get access to your site. Also, you can install an app on your phone to help you scan barcodes using the camera.

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 Ease of use

Buyers will prefer a site that is easy to use. Hence, look for a platform that will enable them to use your website with ease.  Also, the platforms should give you an opportunity to use it with no complications.


Before you select a b2b platform, you need to have a plan. Know the products and services you are offering and how they will benefit the buyer. With this, it will be easy to implement these factors, and you will find a perfect platform to provide high-quality customer service and enhance customers’ experience.

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