B2B E-commerce Trends to Pay Heed To

B2B E-commerce Trends to Pay Heed To

Transforming your B2B business model to include a b2b wholesale platform is now a necessity. Gone are those days when you could survive without adopting a b2b Ecommerce solution. Now, both big and small companies are using the top b2b platforms to deliver digital solutions to their customers. And so should you.

What is b2b platform, you may ask? Well, it is an online platform that allows you to carry out transactions with your customer and allow them to access product information and pricing. Among the various b2b platform examples, Shopify b2b is considered to be the best. Other quality options include Opencart and Magneto. To decide which platform is the best for you, you can conduct a b2b ecommerce platform comparison. Compare your options on the basis of interface, flexibility, type of platform, and pricing.

For those of you who are already in b2b E-commerce or are planning to invest in it in the near future, here are some trends that you must consider.

B2B Buyers are mostly millennials

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Those of you who are operating b2b E-commerce platforms should know whom you are dealing with. Most customers that prefer digital solutions are millennials. Hence, your b2b customer base comprises of a younger population. Therefore, when you are devising strategies or the design of the platform, keep this in mind. Know that you are dealing with tech-savvy smart shoppers.

Mobile E-Commerce is the future

This is linked to the above trend. As your customer base is younger, it is a given that they prefer mobile among other devices to access platforms. This trend is here to stay. While the desktop isn’t obsolete, there might come a time when it will be rarely used to buy products. Mobile devices will take the lead for this purpose.

Immense need for personalization

B2B buyers crave personalization. Those companies that succeed in delivering this will be successful. Those who deliver the same platform to all will lag behind. This is because b2b customers are pressed on time. They wish for a solution that remembers their purchase history and allows them to merely reorder if the need arises. Also, dynamic pricing is at the heart of b2b. An E-commerce site must deliver this as well.


Pay heed to these trends. They are clues about what lies ahead and what is likely to work in the future.

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