B2B Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost

B2B Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost

Do you think you have it in you to take your B2B Company to the next level? With everyone adopting E-commerce platforms, do you wish to do so too?

Starting a b2b Ecommerce solution is not an easy task. There are various pitfalls that you must avoid in order to ensure success. Here are some of the common mistakes you need to be careful of.

Choosing a shoddy B2B wholesale platform

The first step of digitalizing your business is finding the best b2b platform for the job. What is b2b platform? It is an online solution where you conduct transactions with your customers. Rather than having a force to quote prices to your customers and tell them about your products, the platform does it all for you.

There are various b2b platform examples in the market. This includes BigCommerce, OpenCart, and Shopify. Shopify b2b is considered to be one of the best options since it ticks all the right boxes in a b2b ecommerce platform comparison. Selecting top b2b platforms is a must. If you choose a subpar platform, to begin with, the entire customer experience will be ruined.

Not offering dynamic pricing

The B2B landscape is starkly different from the B2C way of conducting business. While in B2C you charge the same price regardless of who the customer is, in B2C dynamic prices are charged. Clients go to the business which offers them the best quotes.

Also, prices reflect the relationship of the customer with the business. However, if your Ecommerce website does not allow you to offer dynamic pricing based on the customers in question, the business model is doomed.

Complex interface

The interface of your platform must be customer friendly. It should encourage self-service. If the interface of your website is too hard for your customers to navigate through, the chances are they will take their business elsewhere.

A complex interface is one of the leading causes of customer loss. This is even more important in b2b companies. This is because self-service and the need to be autonomous when searching for product information is a key characteristic of b2b customers.

Not getting your sales team on board

You need to get your sales team on board as well. You can’t have them thinking that the E-commerce solution has taken away their position in the company. If your sales team loses motivation, they won’t put in the effort required to make the E-commerce platform a success. Their contribution matters a lot and they should be well aware of this.


Avoid these mistakes. Have a successful b2b E-commerce solution.

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